Things To Do

To get an idea of how much opportunity there is to enjoy the outdoors, consider this, Delta County, of which the North Fork Valley makes up the eastern third, is 55% public lands… and just beyond the eastern and northern boundaries of the county lie vast stretches of wilderness easily accessible to the outdoor enthusiast.

The area has been a popular destination for hunters and fishermen for over a century. In the fall, hunters from near and far congregate in the Valley’s towns to pick up provisions and to swap stories in the local restaurants; while the lucky ones bring their harvest for processing.

Whether for fishing, boating, rafting or floating, area rivers, lakes and streams are popular destinations. Many also enjoy the endless hiking opportunities. Logging roads are traversed by those on off road vehicles, ATVs, mountain bikes and dirt bikes. Snowmobilers take advantage of the snow covered high country during the chilly months, and the area’s State and National Parks draw many satisfied visitors year round. Unless you just really have no desire to commune with nature, you will find the options tempting and the experiences fulfilling. Immerse yourself in the wild lands and you will certainly be glad you did; and will take home with you good memories that will last many years.