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To our North Fork Valley Visitors,

Visitor Cards are available at the Chamber's Hotchkiss Kiosk, Town Halls, and other Visitor Centers that list restaurants, art galleries, brew pubs, etc. in the North Fork Valley. 
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Visit The North Fork Valley for a Spectacular Vacation

Charming B&Bs, restaurants serving farm fresh to table food, locally produced wines, art studios by renowned artists, music performances, and ongoing entertainment events and festivals make the three towns of Crawford, Hotchkiss, and Paonia of the North Fork Valley a special place to visit.   We are on the east side of Delta County, on the Western Slope of Colorado. 

The North Fork Valley is a beautiful and pristine area tucked away in the West Elk Mountains nestled between the North Fork and South Fork of the Gunnison River and two National Forests and the majestic Black Canyon National Park.  


Starting with river activities, enjoy our Gold Medal fishing on the North Fork of the Gunnison River. Try stand up paddling out of Hotchkiss.  Go on guided raft trips and fishing trips out of Crawford or at Pleasure Park near Hotchkiss.  We have experienced guides for all activities along the river or enjoy your own solitude at several accessible river spots in the National Forest and BLM land.  See more on Outdoor Activities.


Hiking and biking are favorite activities in the area.  Rent bikes in Paonia and find a bike trail leaving the town towards Jumbo Mountain.  Or hike our numerous hiking trials around all three towns. And for the heartier, hike down from Crawford's North Rim of the Black Canyon to the Gunnison River.  The North Rim of the Black Canyon is the more secluded, "road less traveled" and is a great area for camping.  More Black Canyon National Park.


A trip to the North Fork Valley is not complete without tours of our area wineries and organic farms and orchards, some of which have onsite Bed and Breakfast accommodations.   The North Fork Valley is recognized as an American Viticultural Area (AVA) with a climate and elevation conducive to producing high-end wines by a dozen local wineries.  Visit and grab a taste of wine and take home a bottle of your favorite using the West Elks AVA  map as your guide (map).  And try out our area brew pubs for beer and Big B's Delicious Orchards , a local manufacturer of hard cider.

Here are some Winery options from our Chamber Members:


Big B's Delicious Orchards & Hard Cider  (Member'23) Between Hotchkiss & Paonia (1m west)
Phone: 970-527-1110 Address: 39126 Highway 133
High Country Local Living 2023 Ad

Black Bridge Winery at Orchard Valley Farms (Member'23) Paonia Area 


North Fork Valley Winery  (Member'23) - Hotchkiss Area
Address: 13793 3750 Road Hotchkiss CO , 81419
Phone: 720-934-0134

Email: J.Marshall.Vanderburg@gmail.com


The Storm Cellar  (Member'23) - Hotchkiss Area


14139 Runzel Gulch Road
PO Box 434, Paonia, CO 81428
Hotchkiss CO, 81419
Tri-fold Rack Card at the Chamber's Hotchkiss Kiosk
Tri-fold Rack Card Part 2


Mesa Winds Winery  (Member'23) - Hotchkiss Area
Address: 31262 L Rd Phone: 970-399-7491

Email: mail@MesaWindsFarm.com
Chamber Virtual Kiosk

Qutori Wines  (Member'23) - Paonia Area

While touring the wineries, also plan your trip around visits to some of the numerous organic farms and orchards.  The North Fork Valley has one of the highest concentration of organic growers, that are organized by the Valley Organic Growers Association (VOGA)  who provide both a printed and online directory of farms and tours at the area's Visitor Kiosks in each town.  Every town has a Farmer's Market to easily purchase local food, and typically arts and crafts.  And catch one of the The Learning Council's  Pop-up kitchens that serve vegan and glutton free lunches by our area creative chefs using locally gown food.  


Peaches, apples, cherries, plums, apricots and pears make up the bulk of the harvest from the North Fork Valley orchards.  Grapes for wine grow particularly well in our higher altitude vinyards. 

    North Fork Valley Winery  

The North Fork Valley hosts many major annual events but three are dedicated to celebrate our bountiful harvest.  Paonia hosts Cherry Days and the Mountain Harvest Festival.  Crawford is host to the popular Crawford Pioneer DaysHotchkiss has a multi-event celebration every year on Mother's Day Weekend anchored by the Hotchkiss Sheep DogTrials and the Ute Trails Auto Club Car Show.


In addition to an organic farmer belief system, we care about our beautiful North Fork Valley and enjoy having the Western Slope Conservation Center  and Citizens for a Healthy Community  help keep our area special.    

Budget time to check out the local art scene centered around the Paonia Creative District which is one of only twenty-three Creative Districts in Colorado.  The North Fork Valley Creative Coalition  based in Paonia and the Creamery Arts Center  in Hotchkiss anchor the art activities in the area.  A stroll down Paonia's Grand Avenue with historic buildings that house numerous art studios is a must.  The historical Creamery Arts Center  in Hotchkiss houses a beautiful and large collection of local artist's best work that is available for purchase. See more on Arts & Culture.



Or take it easy and grab a new or used book from our local bookstores and enjoy reading at one of several coffee shops serving locally roasted coffee.  All three towns have comfortable and quaint coffee shops, with some showcasing arts and crafts from local artists.  
Book Stores.

Coffee Shops

Do not forget to browse our local merchants that provide the more traditional goods to the more eclectic fine apparel, post cards, glassworks, etc. from our local creative artists.  Enjoy our local brew pubs for beer and our own local orchard creating fine hard apple cider.  Every town serves ice cream from our own local ice cream producer, Third Bowl Ice Cream  in Hotchkiss.  And each of the three towns has a Farmers Market.

Find locally made Ice Cream at these Chamber Members:


We have tw