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Hotchkiss Sheep Camp Stock Dog Trials.
The Annual Hotchkiss Sheep Camp Stock Dog Trials are held Mother's Day weekend, on the picturesque Richard Hotchkiss family ranch, immediately south of downtown Hotchkiss … just a few hundred feet south of the post office.

The dog trials are not only Hotchkiss’ biggest annual event, but are popular with dog/handler teams from across America. 

Hotchkiss Sheep Camp Stock Dog Trials.The Trials begin early each day, with the trials grounds offering some bleachers, which fill quickly --  you may wish to bring your own chair. 

Spring weather is unpredictable and it is not unknown for the audience to experience wind, rain or cold, although most years the weather is warm and sunny,  so a hat and sun block are good ideas.

Stock dog trials are a sport consisting of highly trained dogs (mostly border collies) paired with a human handler who, solely by voice, whistle and hand signals, guides the dog in herding a small band of  sheep through a series of gates and finally into a pen.

Hotchkiss Sheep Camp Stock Dog Trials.For more information about the Trials be sure to visit their website at

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