Restaurants, Coffee Bars & Other Food Choices

Coffee Shops Serving Food (Chamber Members)

Drive Brew Coffee & Blends
  (Member'23) - Hotchkiss

Website and Facebook
Phone: 970-201-2042 Address: ​570 State Highway 133
Type: Coffee kiosk  Cuisine: Coffee Drinks, teas, pastries, light breakfast fare
Hours: Breakfast, Lunch Closed: Sunday Indoor/Outdoor: None

Coal Train Coffee House and Roasting
  (Member'22)  - Hotchkiss

Phone: 970-872-5282 (JAVA) Address: ​328 West Bridge Street Wi-Fi
Type: Coffee House and Bakery  Cuisine: Coffee, fresh pastries, quiche, smoothies, ice creme
Hours: Breakfast, Lunch Closed: Sunday Indoor/Outdoor: Both

Lazy J Coffee Shop
  (Pending Member'23) - Crawford

Address: ​286 Highway 92 Wi-Fi
Type: Coffee Shop  Cuisine: Coffee and expresso from local roaster, teas, pastries, light breakfast fare, ice creme. 
Hours: 7am-3pm Breakfast, Lunch Closed: Sunday Indoor/Outdoor: Both

Restaurants And To Go Food (Chamber Members)

Pat's Bar & Grill
  (Member'23) - Hotchkiss

Phone: 970-872-4215 Address: ​140 West Bridge Street Wi-Fi
Type: Restaurant and Pub  Cuisine: All American and Tex-Mex, full-service Bar, open late
Hours:  Lunch and Dinner Closed: Sunday and Tuesday Indoor/Outdoor: Both
Burgers, Tex Mex, and an extensive bar

476 Eatery
  (Member'23) - Hotchkiss

Phone: 970-872-2354 Address: ​107 West Bridge Street  
Type:  Restaurant Cuisine:  Thai, Chinese, and Sushi food with Bar. Reservations Recommended.
Hours:  Lunch 11:30-2:30, Dinner 4:30-9:30 Closed: Monday Indoor/Outdoor:  Both
Thai, Sushi, Chinese, and bar

Big B's Delicious Orchards and Restaurant
Hotchkiss/Paonia (1 mile from Paonia)
Phone:  970-527-1110 Address: ​39126 Highway 133
Type:  Cuisine:  
Hours:   Closed:   Indoor/Outdoor:  Both

Berg Harvest Mercantile  (Pending Member'23) - Paonia
Phone:  Address: ​  
Type:  Cuisine:  
Hours:   Closed:   Indoor/Outdoor:  Both

Black Cat Pizza   (Member'23) - Hotchkiss
Phone: 970-872-8080 Address: 221 East Bridge Street
Type: Pizza Parlor and Pub Cuisine: Quality Pizzas & calzones created with locally sourced ingredients.
Hours:  Lunch and Dinner Closed:  Wednesday and Thursday Indoor/Outdoor:  Indoor
Pizza with an attitude, wine and beer

Desperado  (Member'23)  - Crawford
Phone: Address: ​  
Type:  Cuisine:
Hours:   Closed:   Indoor/Outdoor:  Indoor Limited

Gas/Food/Liquor/Burgers Complex 

Farm Runners Station  (Member'23- Hotchkiss
Phone: 970-872-9633 Address: ​235 Highway 133 (City Market area)
Type:  Cuisine:
Hours:   Closed:   Indoor/Outdoor: Both, Indoor: Limited

Farm fresh produce, sandwhiches, burittos, and fresh patries from Blue Sky Baking Company.

Rio Bravo  (Pending Member'23)  - Paonia
Phone: Address:  
Cuisine:  Type:
Hours:   Closed:   Indoor/Outdoor:
(Mexican Food/Margaritas)
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Roger's Mesa Store  (Member'21- Hotchkiss (4 miles west)
Phone: Address: ​ 
Type:  Cuisine:
Hours:   Closed:   Indoor/Outdoor:
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Hotchkiss Stop & Save  (Member'23- Hotchkiss
Phone: Address: ​ 
Type:  Cuisine: Breakfast sandwiches, pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs
Hours: 4:30am - 9pm Closed:   Indoor/Outdoor:
A favorite early morning stop for the West Elk miners.

Paonia Stop & Save  (Member'23- Paonia
Phone: Address: ​ 
Type:  Cuisine:
Hours:   Closed:   Indoor/Outdoor:

Zack's BBQ  (Pending Member'23) - Hotchkiss
Phone: Address: ​ 
Type:  Cuisine:
Hours:   Closed:   Indoor/Outdoor: 

Taco Hut ​ (Member'21) - Hotchkiss
Phone: ​  Address:
Type:  Cuisine:
Hours:   Closed:   Indoor/Outdoor: 

Hotchkiss Elk's Lodge  (Member'20) - Hotchkiss
Phone: Address: ​  
Type:  Cuisine:
Hours:   Closed:   Indoor/Outdoor: 

Other Restaurants/Coffee Bars/Food Trucks (Non-Chamber Members)

  • North Fork Boardwalk Gas/Food/Liquor/Burgers Complex  - Crawford
  • 1-2-Thai Food Truck - Paonia
  • 133 BRGR - Hotchkiss
  • Chick-a-peas - Paonia
  • Crunch Waffee - Paonia
  • Dana's Wine Bar - Paonia
  • The Dinner - Paonia
  • Louie's Pizza - Paonia
  • Mountain Overn Organic Bakery - Paonia
  • Nido - Paonia
  • Old River Road Trading Post - Paonia
  • Paonia Breadworks - Paonia
  • The Simple Cafe - Paonia
  • Southern Belle Biscuits Food Truck - Paonia
  • Sweetgrass - Paonia
  • Two-Four-Six Coffee - Hotchkiss